Top Tips When Hiring An Insurance Broker

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Top Tips When Hiring An Insurance Broker

8 January 2021
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Insurance brokers are professionals that help you choose an appropriate insurance cover and negotiate the terms of the policy. This article discusses the benefits of hiring an insurance broker and the considerations to make when selecting an insurance broker. 

Benefits of Choosing An Insurance Broker

Insurance companies provide a wide range of insurance coverage. As such, most people do not know which policies suit their business. An insurance broker will examine your business operations and advise which insurance suits your business. For example, you will need cyber insurance if you run an online business. On the other hand, professional liability insurance will compensate clients that suffer financial losses due to errors and omissions. The broker will help you choose an insurer. Additionally, they will negotiate the terms of the cover. For instance, your broker could ask the insurance company to combine general liability and professional indemnity insurance to reduce your annual premiums. In case of an accident, your insurance broker will follow up with the insurance company to ensure timely compensation. 

Choosing An Insurance Broker

Consider the following when choosing an insurance broker: 

Experience and Specialisation

Experienced insurance brokers have long-term relationships with insurance companies. Moreover, they have first-hand information on insurance laws and regulations. For example, state laws and professional associations may compel you to have minimum insurance coverage. You should also check the broker's specialisation. A broker specialising in your industry can help you manage your insurance cover. For instance, they will advise how about you can reduce your premiums and when you should update your cover. 

Communication and Negotiation Skills 

The broker should have excellent communication and negotiation skills. These skills will help the broker when bargaining the premiums and payment terms. More often than not, clients will form long-term relationships with their insurance brokers. Remember, the broker will represent your interests to the insurance company. Besides, they will conduct regular reviews to ensure you do not disregard the terms of the insurance. 


Your insurance broker should be reasonably priced. Some brokers will charge a small percentage of your annual premiums, while others will charge per hour. Ask the broker about extra fees such as administration and property appraisal charges. Check the terms of the broker. For instance, will you pay the broker if they cannot secure a policy with reasonable terms? Additionally, check the broker's dispute resolution and contract termination policy. 

Insurance brokers will ensure your business has an appropriate insurance cover. When hiring an insurance broker, assess their experience, pricing, communication and negotiation skills.