Everything Hairdressers Need to Know About Public Liability Insurance

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Everything Hairdressers Need to Know About Public Liability Insurance

21 April 2021
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Why is public liability insurance so important for hairdressing salons? This handy guide will answer all your questions.

1. What is public liability insurance?

In short, public liability insurance provides protection in the event that someone suffers an injury or property damage as a result of your services. Alongside helping you cover the cost of claims, public liability insurers can also provide you with a specialist team who can handle the legal aspect of defending a claim. 

2. What situations does public liability insurance protect against?

Public liability insurance covers hairdressers in various instances of property damage or injury. Imagine, for example, that one of your clients suffered an adverse reaction to your hair dye and needed medical treatment. Alternatively, consider a customer slipping on some hair gel you accidentally spilled on the floor and breaking a bone. Both these injuries could lead to a costly lawsuit. Public liability insurance financially protects you from going broke over these mistakes. The same goes for damage to property, such as accidentally staining a customer's jumper or knocking over their phone while doing their hair.

3. Which situations are exempt from public liability insurance cover?

Most public liability insurance policies for salons won't cover injury caused by invasive cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels, piercings, or Botox, as well as laser procedures and sunbed rental. For protection against risks associated with these offerings, you'll need to take out an extended policy. Note that public liability insurance also doesn't affect injury or property damage to you or your employees.

4. Which hairdressers need public liability insurance?

While public liability insurance isn't a legal requirement in most locations, it's highly recommended for salon owners as well as self-employed hairdressers who rent chairs in an existing salon. If you're an employee at a salon that already has insurance, however, you won't need to take out your own policy.

5. Do disclaimers provide the same protection as insurance?

Some hairdressers ask their clients to sign waivers or disclaimers forfeiting their right to sue in the case of any damage or injury. While it may seem like this is a cheaper alternative to public liability insurance, the truth is that these disclaimers very rarely hold up in court when something goes wrong. On top of that, putting all the financial risk onto your clients isn't a great way to attract business.

6. Which other types of insurance are beneficial for hairdressers?

Alongside public liability insurance, there are several other types of insurance that can be a huge help to hairdressers and salon owners. Employers' liability insurance, for example, offers similar protection to public liability, but for incidents affecting employees rather than customers. If you don't want to risk being out of business if your straighteners and hairdressers get lost or stolen, tools insurance can also offer great peace of mind.

For more information, contact a public liability insurance provider.